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Safety tips for trekking in Nepal

Nepal has some of the best trails for trekking in the world, thanks to an incredible landscape which includes several of the world's highest mountains.

The trails have developed quite the tourist industry over the years, with people from the UK and beyond using to make sure their vehicles are safe, before flying out to Nepal. Experts prepare visitors for every style of trekking and every end destination. Trekking in Nepal is not without risk however, and it's important for you to be aware of the health and safety precautions you ought to take, if you're going to go on your own adventure.


The treks in Nepal are suitable for a wide range of physical fitness and experience levels, and it's important you choose the trails which are best suited to your abilities. For example, easy teahouse treks with a support guide are available for anyone who is fit enough to walk around outside. And if you have a higher level of fitness, you can take the longer treks without fear of injury. Be realistic about your capability.

Rescue insurance

Before your departure on any trek activities, it would be wise for you to check that your insurance covers trekking activities in the terms and conditions. That way, if you require medical attention and for a rescue helicopter to come up to you, your insurer can pay the difference, and all you have to give them is the agreed Excess when you bought the insurance plan.

Hire support

If you're not an experienced trekker, it would be wise to join a group or hire a guide to help you along. There are plenty of experts available for Nepal trekking trails, who are trained to help you in a medical emergency, can talk you through the safety procedures and warn you against stepping on certain rocks or walking into dangerous territory.

Choose the time

Trekking is made more dangerous by the weather. Avoid going during monsoon season, because rain and severely cold weather closes down many passes and makes the landscape slippery.

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